Be Safe, Be Smart, See ya Monday.

every Friday i say this to my kids in the hopes they think about it over the weekend. my 8th grade english teacher did a Friday speech that i think most of us could still repeat [shout out to Ms. Raines]. today as i said good-bye to some of my juniors they told me to “be safe, be smart, make good choices.” it really is heart warming to know that just a bit of what you have said to them has gotten through. the good-byes this week [only to students so far] have been harder than i thought. i knew it was going to be hard, but it is like having 70 children that you usually want to strangle, you like them  most of the time, but you ALWAYS love them. there will for sure be a giant Bolivia shaped hole in my heart. viva bolivia

these are a few pictures of my last few months here in Bolivia.


^^^ hanging out with some cool kid ^^^

^^^ oh and these cool kids too ^^^

^^^ my students became the teachers #circuitry ^^^

^^^ last clásico with the best around ^^^


^^^ bolivia day the teachers danced the saya ^^^


^^^ our senior babies ^^^

^^^ step sing trained me well ^^^

^^^ 17k ft. to 3k ft. in one bike ride ^^^



^^^ the views were absolutely incredible ^^^


^^^ somewhere in the middle i got my wisdom tooth out ^^^


^^^ and Emily and i conquered the puma catari ^^^


^^^ just two of the families that have made these two years AMAZING ^^^

^^^ student awards as the year closes out ^^^


^^^ peace out seniors 😥 you will be missed ^^^

^^^ a great year with a great group ^^^

as excited as i am to be starting this next phase in my life [going back to school] i am so sad to leave this place i have called home for the past two years. so many hard good-byes said and a lot more to come in the next few days. the relationships i have experienced here have made it all worth it.


as i start life again in the states i foresee a few bumps in the road. pray that my transition is as smooth as it can be. pray that i am leaving well from Bolivia. pray that i am leaving relationships well. pray i finish packing up my classroom and my bedroom with enough room in my suitcases and enough time to spare [yikes]. pray that any kind of impact i have had on the students is a lasting one, that i have shown them the love of Christ in some way or fashion. pray that my students know how much i love them and how much i am going to miss them.