Holiday Snippets and More Thoughts

with the craziness of the season and return to Bolivia the blog has been put way on the backburner. the holidays at home were amazing. even though i only missed one Christmas with my family it seemed like forever. i loved getting to see old friends, neighbors, and SO MUCH family. i even got to meet a beautiful new family member. i was too consumed with seeing everyone that i barely took any pictures. here are some that i did manage to capture from the break.

^^^ Christmas Eve consisted of cookie making and oyster harvesting ^^^

^^^ Christmas Day got a little hot with our onesies ^^^


^^^ this gorgeous girl got married #highlightofthebreak? ^^^


^^^ dad and i then hit the high seas for a little New Years cruise to the Bahamas ^^^


^^^ dream come true ^^^

^^^ four wheeling through the jungle and on the beach = a win ^^^

^^^ kayaking through rivers and mangrove forests = another win ^^^


^^^ raccoon friends were made ^^^


^^^ and some definite sunshine was had ^^^

all in all break was amazing. it was wonderful to see friends and family and to get a taste of what these next few years back in the states will hold (minus the cruising part). as i am now in full swing work mode back in Bolivia I have had a chance to reflect on it all just a little bit. my heart aches when i think about leaving this place that i have been calling home for two years now. it aches for the students i am leaving behind. it aches for the new friends i have made that i may not see for a good long while. but it is also overjoyed at the thought of being back in my hometown doing the things i love most with some of the people i live the most.

for those that are unaware i will be taking a few classes (physics; ironic right?!) at Trident Tech this fall. This is to get my final prerequisites that i need for physical therapy school. i may never know why God chose to lead me down this path of education (i can only assume is is for the amazing relationships with teachers and students i have gotten to form along the way), but i am sure glad He did. it is also nice to be confident in the fact that God is leading me back to something i have a big heart for. i am excited to start my journey towards physical therapy because i am fully confident that that is where God wants me.


please be in prayer for me over the next few months while i finish my time here in Bolivia. prayer for patience with students and with teachers. prayer that i am putting all my effort into what i am supposed to be doing here in Bolivia. pray that i love those around me how they need to be loved most. and ultimately pray for the spread of the Gospel here in Bolivia and among our students.