November has been filled completely to the brim with activities. i have done everything from shoot off catapults to see Ricky Martin to frolick in the fields of Tarija. with my bible study we have jumped from Jeremiah to Joshua. life seems to be flying by. i am trying to treasure the small moments i have in Bolivia. the moments i am going to miss once i am gone. it is hard to have these peaceful moment recently. all that is on everyone’s mind is water. well… the lack thereof i should say. there is this constant worry [whether in the back of your mind or the forefront] of do i have water? will i have water tomorrow? did i just use the last flush? our apartment has been extremely blessed. i thank the Lord that we have yet to run out of water. the chlorine and sulfur smell of our water tells me we are somewhere close to the end though. a friend the other day, though, said you just have to have a bring it on attitude about this water. there is no “if” it will run out. it is a “when”. i am thankful for my years growing up on Goat Island with limited water and the constant thought of water conservation. as i sit here writing this i have “Testify” by NEEDTOBREATHE on repeat.

“Give me your heart
Give me your song
Sing it with all your might
Come to the fountain and
You can be satisfied
There is a peace, there is a love
You can get lost inside
Come to the fountain and
Let me hear you testify”

this is a scary situation [schools closed for protests][no knowledge when water will run out][will it affect the drinking water][how long will this last] BUT we have to have some peace about this situation. OUR GOD is in control of this situation. HE is the fountain. my biggest prayer is that through this situation those around us will come to know Him as i get to know Him. i ask that you pray for La Paz. i ask that this is also your prayer.

^^^ catapults with my senior physics class ^^^


^^^ kailey and i have made a little tradition for saturday mornings ^^^


^^^ yes, we lived la vida loca for a night #rickymartinworldtour ^^^


^^^ LOVE watching our kids serve in the community ^^^

^^^ teachers and students playing in an ultimate frisbee tournament ^^^

we’ll do better next time!

^^^ thanks Illimani Condors for such a good time ^^^

^^^ thanksgiving dinner with the crew in Tarija ^^^

^^^ crammed 6 people into one taxi all weekend ^^^

^^^ vineyard touring ^^^


^^^ roommate loving ^^^

^^^ views at our airbnb ^^^


^^^ views from the top ^^^

^^^ more cramming into taxis and sad leaving ^^^

November has been full of surprises. it has been a peaceful month though.

i’ll just leave you with this picture of me holding a kitten.



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