The Awesomeness That Was August

August started off as we hit the ground running. this month i have been in complete awe of God’s glory. seeing the city through a new teacher’s eyes is amazing. everything is new. everything is wonderful. i feel like by the end of last year i missed that feeling. then when i returned in July i talked with another teacher about how it felt a little mundane to return here. to return to our homes where we left our things. to pick up where we left off at school and with the Bolivian staff. it was a very weird feeling. it wasn’t until traveling around the city with the new staff that i realized La Paz had lost its shininess. i got to see that awe in other teacher’s eyes i fell in love with the city over again. i am so glad that God has put these new and wonderful people into my life this year. last year we came into this close knit community where the love for one another was tangible. i was honestly scared that this year we wouldn’t be able to make that happen. i am in awe, though, of how God has worked in my heart and the hearts of those around me so quickly. i love this staff dearly and can’t wait to love them even more.


^^^ kicked off the new school year with these two lovelies ^^^

^^^ Nona’s 70’s themed birthday bash ^^^

^^^ solid ^^^


^^^ getting to talk to this gem was a major highlight of the month ^^^



[brought them over to the dark side]


^^^ our friends around us are not amused at our selfie ^^^

^^^ open house success ^^^


^^^ such a solid group of people i get to serve every day with ^^^

^^^ got to see this crazy lady ^^^

^^^ wallyball in shorts, but freezing at school #typical ^^^


we ended the month [and entered the new one] with a barbecue on pedestrian’s day at Lilita’s house. this is definitely my favorite holiday we celebrate in La Paz. it is so unique and just another reminder of how much i love this country. God has definitely been showing me the little things [like getting to walk in the street with zebras playing chess and kids kickboxing and ladies doing zumba] and letting me know i am right where He wants me.”give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18


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