Transition Take Two

i have decided my blog is going to take a new turn. last year i felt this pressure to blog every week to let people know what was going on down here. they were wordy and that just isn’t my thing. every week i felt like a failure if i didn’t get a blog post in…which is not how you should feel when updating people about how your life if going down here. PLUS – no one wants to sit here and read every week that i went to the grocery store again and it was uneventful except for the fact that they did not have chicken. this is now going to be a MONTHLY thing. i will TRY to sum up what God has been teaching me in those weeks. it will also include pictures i have taken from my iphone that month! this blog will be about JULY.


it is hard to believe that i have completed my first year of teaching and am starting a new one. i feel like i just left La Paz yesterday to fly home for the summer. the two short months i was home were surely a whirlwind. i constantly felt the need to stay busy, but what God taught me is that sometimes i just need to sit. i had been go go go all year and He was telling me “just relax”. He knows the trials this year will bring so i had to learn to be still and rest in His peace this summer.

summer days filled with family

plenty of friendly visits!

the month ended with a 3,490 mile trip back to La Paz