Special Treats

as i sit down today to work i realize i have not written a post in a few months. so much has happened in these few months i really don’t even know where to start. last time i blogged my mom was about to get into Bolivia so i will start with that… pictures only!

^^^ mutual feelings as mom gets off the plane in La Paz and then a relaxing first day in the country puzzling… ^^^

^^^ … and adventuring ^^^

^^^ surviving and thriving after the Death Road ^^^

^^^ food, nails, and crafting were a must while mom was here ^^^

^^^ i think the best part was our animal friends we made #burrito #juancito ^^^

after mom came everyone else came back from the states. i didn’t realize how much i missed everyone. it is crazy how dear this group is to me after just a few short months of knowing each other. this is a hard job, a hard transition and i can’t say enough how thankful i am for community down here.

the senior physics class got a special treat from Dr. Hargrave back at Samford at the start of the new semester.

at our school supplies and technology are very limited.  i was thankful for the willing heart of Dr. Hargrave. he woke up extra early to get to school and show my seniors a few wave demonstrations and some fun facts. i am very blessed to come from a school where your teachers truly care about what you are doing in the real world. thank you again Dr. Hargrave from the Highlands Seniors.


^^^ another great treat at the beginning of the semester ^^^

love this dear friend that is serving the Lord in Madagascar.

 ^^^ water team day was definitely a splash.. ^^^

there is a three way water balloon fight between high school, middle school and the teachers. lets just say i was a bit of a target. right after this i got to get on a bus with some dear friends and head to the BEACH. my skin was craving the salt water.

this was a much needed trip out of the city and into my element. although most of us got burnt just the second day i could not have asked for a better trip.

i will always be a beach bum at heart

FullSizeRender 2


over the past 10 days a group of us here in Bolivia and a group in Korea have been doing the Daniel Fast. for those that do not know it is a fast based on what Daniel ate in the King’s palace in the book of Daniel. it is a fast to cut out unclean foods in your life. you can eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and water. i went in very sure of myself, but was quickly knocked down a few notches. it was a great experience to cut out the junk in my life. i will say i am not cutting these things out forever but i am definitely more aware of what i put into my body. our body isn’t our own so we should treat it that way.


– this past week was spiritual emphasis week and next week is the Highlands mission trip – satan is really attacking with all of this going on – prayer for our hearts here at Highlands – keep us focused on what we are doing here and our hearts attuned to where the Lord wants to take us – keep the evil one at bay