Word Vomit

Christmas season is finally coming to an end. i find that the end of the season is always a little sad. mostly because i feel it is no longer appropriate to play Christmas music. that doesn’t really stop me though. having Christmas here was strange to say the least. i have really been learning to be content where i am.. not an easy lesson when everyone is home and i am in Bolivia. Christmas morning my roommate and i got up and made some great breakfast (we are becoming superstars at this meal) and opened up our stockings.

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Breakfast Professionals

Our other roommate, the absolute amazing angel that she is, left us some goodies. for the rest of the morning we hung out and got to FaceTime some family members. i was informed that next year i am not allowed to stay in Bolivia for Christmas. mom wants all of her ducklings on the same continent in the same state. the next part of our morning was a little crazy. at about 1:30 we set out on our journey to the Baker’s place. an hour and a half and a little sweatier later we made it to the gas station where the family was going to pick us up.

The gang headed up in the parking lot that was the roads on Christmas Day!

Christmas day here is like a parking lot. i have NO earthly idea where everyone is trying to get to, but they all seem to be headed to the same place. on our walk it was so fun to see all the families in the parks playing with their new toys. that is the advantage of having Christmas in the summer i guess. Although, it was colder here than it was in the states. Christmas day was the only day the sun had come out so far in our little break… hello rainy season. so we finally made it to the Bakers and WOW. that’s all you can really say about their house. IMG_2467

we sat around and sang some Christmas Carols while the kids played the instruments. all of this was after our adventurous hike to a cross on a cliff.

Selfie with the hiking crew
Annie taking in the beauty







so what you don’t really see in these pictures are the cliffs that are on either side of you! the wind was insane as well so it made the hike a little scary. all so fun though! i mean it is not like we walked enough already that day. the Baker crew is pretty dang adventurous and i love it.













tomorrow my mom arrives and i could not be any more excited for that. be in prayer for her travels. we have already had some unexpected hiccups. there will be an entire blog post dedicated to the adventures that happen on her trip!

i am just thankful for all the people around me this holiday season. the families that have been here have truly wrapped their arms around Danielle and i. we have not been lacking in things to attend.. that is not to say we are not going crazy with cabin fever. i may be a little ready for the Highlands teacher clan to return!