Oh, it doesn’t look awful

this weekend as we were decorating for Christmas in the Upper Achumani Apartment i tied a bow to put at the top of the tree. it looked straight up horrid as i tied it. one roommate was trying to tie it to the tree and the other took a step back and exclaimed “oh, it doesn’t look awful”.


she was right. as we took a step back it did not look that bad. i feel like that is how things go in life too. we are in the midst of this stress, work, school, tragedy… you fill in the blank. while we are all up in it it seems like this horrid cloud (and usually it is) but we get to the end and look at the whole picture and we see that out of it God has done some amazing craftsmanship.

back home everyone is asking why we are setting up for Christmas already since it has not even been Thanksgiving. well, i feel that here we have a slightly different timeline. first – there is no Thanksgiving. the pilgrims did not land in La Paz so no celebration of that here. second – our friends here leave after we are finished with school around the 19th so we have to soak in all the Christmas spirit we can get. third – I LOVE CHRISTMAS AND CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS AND CHRISTMAS MUSIC… so that is why!

IMG_2225 IMG_2226

IMG_2221 our Christmas decorating began with some homemade biscuits and gravy and eggs. it was such a fun morning hearing about my roommate’s traditions at home and sharing some of my own. those that know me well will know how i feel about traditions. I LOVE THEM. they do not even have to be my family’s traditions. if your family has them then i will embrace them and celebrate that way. i just absolutely love tradition.

IMG_2215 IMG_2222

^^^ i feel like i even get a little bit of home with this decorated palm tree ^^^


after decorating we all cozied up in my bed with some tea and cookies to watch Mockingjay Part 1. the storm outside really was the icing on the cake to that night.

later that night i was a little sick for home (i wouldn’t say homesick, but just needed some nostalgic pictures). i found myself looking at pictures from senior year spring break. it was the sweetest time with friends. it is crazy to look back on those pictures and realize we are all in so many different places. all working. some getting married. some moving.

IMG_2186 IMG_2183


this morning at Outpost Bolivia we talked about Love. let me tell you… these people have loved me very well over the years.


i just ask continued prayer for those that are ill. it is tough being sick down here. you almost feel like you are never getting better because the next thing just hits you. so i pray for healing over those people. i pray for those that are supporting me in prayer and financially. the new year is coming up so i know that people will be reevaluating finances and such. i just pray that God would lead them in their decisions. next week and the week after that (Thanksgiving) a lot of staff will be traveling so i pray for safety and relaxation over those trips!


^^^ i found Diet Coke ^^^


A Perfect Love

these past two months have flown by. i have officially been here for 100 days. i would like to think that i have been so consumed in other people that that is why i have forgotten to blog for a solid two months, but that is not the case. i have selfishly been caught up in my own work. for this blog i am going to do a highlight of pictures from the last two months. a lot has happened and i have so much to be thankful for, so here it goes.


Molly became Tucker…


my student is a rockstar

IMG_1983 IMG_1987

i flew to America!

IMG_1998          IMG_2007 IMG_2032


IMG_2022 IMG_2028 IMG_2024

i hung out with a pretty solid crowd


my roommates missed me 😉


Morgan and i found a great new gym… NOT sketchy

IMG_2086 IMG_2102

we did a 20 mile thing..IMG_2098


we went to a rockstar hot springs in UrmiriIMG_2136



… and I was a pig in different ways

overall the last two months have been pretty stellar. i am constantly amazed at how God is using each of these people in my life. at times it can get incredibly lonely here even when you are surrounded by people. you are here and remember all that is going on at home.. people getting married, people having babies, people getting new jobs and moving and selfishly you want to be a part of all of that. it is hard to be so many miles away when people are taking that next step in their lives. but as these feelings start to come up God sends a great light your way. in the past few months those lights have been encouraging conversations with mentoring group, a student needing advice, or someone back home requesting a skype date. He knows what we need before we ask. I am thankful for a God that loves me so well and gives me people to love me just as well.