Escape Silly

three weeks is way too long to go without writing about what has happened down here. so much happens really in just one day..


^^^ just a little science humor ^^^

the highlight of the past few weeks was the high school community service trip to Amachuma. going into the weekend i had so many fears; when am i going to get to rest? what are we going to talk to the girls about? how will i SLEEP?! now that the weekend is over and i am finally getting caught up on my sleep i realize how silly these fears were. it makes me think of the fears i have every day though; will i oversleep? am i fully planned for tomorrow? what i don’t like my outfit half way through the day tomorrow [yes this is a legit fear that i have] ? they are, mostly, legitimate fears and things i worry about, but still they are so silly. why sit here and worry about what i can turn over to God? on the trip [and in life] there are so many moments i can make that decision to either worry about what is to come or turn it over to God and worry no more.

IMG_1829 IMG_1831

 IMG_1845 IMG_1834

^^^ tetherball and puppies galore on the Amachuma Retreat ^^^


i seriously could not ask for a better team. when i was headed down to Bolivia i was terrified [new job, new country, new friends?]. i was scared about fitting in with the team that was already down here. from social media [yes i stalked] it looked like they were so close and there was no way i was going to fit into what they already had going. that was just another silly fear i had to turn over, because this team has accepted me with WIDE OPEN arms. i am still learning, but they are so patient with me. #realrocks

other than the trip to Amachuma things are really started to settle down. things are becoming normal which has been such a wonderful relief. i was talking with my roommates yesterday about how much smaller the city feels now that i know where i am going [most of the time]. since things are starting to become more “tranquilo” we decided to throw a little spice into our lives.


^^^ MEET MOLLY ^^^

she has LITERALLY turned our world upside down. she is a ball of fluffy energy that is now living with us. we love her so much already [even though she cries… a lot] . it is nice having a fuzzy little being in the house.


everyone at school is STILL sick. i ask for continued prayers for health for the team. a team from Texas arrived today to help with out Spiritual Emphasis Week. they have a lot of adjusting to do in a short time so i ask that your prayers are with them as they are getting used to the altitude and just being in La Paz. this week seems like it is going to be crazy and unpredictable so prayers for flexibility and open minds and hearts as the team shares with our students!