Little Reminders

what a whirlwind kind of week this has been. Monday and Tuesday started off like any normal school day [which i am still not used to] but then Tuesday night took a turn. there’s a cute little term here called “Bolivian Belly” and let’s just say it is not as pleasant as it sounds.. [i’ll let your imagination wander]. Wednesday and Thursday, then, were not my favorite of days. being sick in bed in a foreign country is… well just as bad as being sick in bed in the States. NO FUN. luckily i have a wonderful community here that got together and prayed for my quick return to school [and brought me tons of Gatorade and crackers]. prayers were answered Friday morning when i was able to get up and head to school. this little spout was just a reminder of how weak i am and how strong He is. the day i got back to school one of the other high school teachers [one that had been covering some of my classes] had sent out a great e-mail reminder:

1 Corinthians 15:58 “Therefore, my beloved brothers and sisters, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the word of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.”

while i was sick in bed it was hard to keep Satan out of my head. so many thoughts of “if you were in the States this would be easier” “why are you here anyway” “are you even making a difference here” were rushing through my head. [he really knows how to hit you when you are down]. then i get to school and see that verse first thing in my inbox. what a great reminder that what we are doing here is NOT in vain! daily i am reminded of this sweet message. Satan is so present and constantly finding new and creative ways to attack us while we are here. This is why we must be steadfast and immovable and always abounding in the word of the Lord. 

Saturday i felt almost back to my best self and was ready for game night with a few of the other teachers. after a crazy week i think we all needed something like this. after some great conversation over cheesy chicken and caramel pie [hands down the best meal i have had since i have been in Bolivia] we played a rousing game of “Munchkin”. oddest game i have ever played in my entire life, but so much fun.


this second week of school threw a lot at us, but we all survived and are ready to get back in the trenches again tomorrow. planning and prayer today were done at a cute new coffee shop my roommate and i found [it wasn’t exaclty that hard to find.. all of a block from our door].

 IMG_1748 IMG_1749


i think everyone is starting to feel the effects of two weeks of busy school work. we are tired and warn down. please pray that we are using our weekends and down time wisely to rest and regain strength for the days ahead. pray for no more sickness in this household. being sick is tiring in and of itself. pray for the students in the school and their families and the spread of the Gospel among them.

[let’s go; round three]


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