This Is Starting To Feel Real

 have decided that when you start a new chapter in your life it starts off feeling like you are on vacation. the first week of college was just one big vacation filled with 90’s parties and late night sonic runs. the first few days of grad school felt like an especially restful break from college. now this new chapter… i am in this beautiful city and wow does it feel like a vacation! the last two weeks [yes i have only been here for 18 days] have been full of new experiences, good and bad, that make this whole thing feel like one big vacation. at PFO they called this the honeymoon stage. i think the honeymoon stage is starting to ware off and now things are becoming very REAL.

since the last time i posted i have done a complete work week for HIS Bolivia and completed my first EVER week of teaching. so let’s back track…

Work Week

IMG_1716 2 IMG_1707

on one of the first nights of work week we decided to go to a movie [yes the movie was in English] in a great little movie theater called the VIP. that perfectly describes the theater too! just think huge comfy chairs that recline and nice tables next to you so you can sneak in some great food.. or eat theirs of course. after the movie a group of us went on the teleferico [transportation in the sky] to see the city at night. it was breathe taking. seriously.. i get to live here. i don’t know that it will ever settle in. the rest of work week was filled with wonderful prayer time for the school and setting up the classroom

IMG_1733 IMG_1729

^^^ the view from my classroom and the front of the school ^^^

Las Cruces is a short little hike up from our apartment, but has the most amazing views of the city. they day before we started school [i was a little stressed] we hiked up that way. the cross itself is on top of a hill at a convent. to get up to the top of the cross you hike this zig zag path where you pass 13 other crosses.

11846646_10204842341327019_9182112852599007102_n 11885372_10204842340406996_8634442837224045422_n 11855875_10204842344887108_3769992302786976060_n

^^^ the crosses leading up to the main cross overlooking the city ^^^

School Starts

my first week was all i could have asked for. this team that i get to work for and with is seriously a blessing. this sweet group of people has been more than encouraging for my first week of work.


^^^ first day of school in front of the apartment ^^^

it is odd going to the first day of school in the freezing cold, but that’s just some more culture shock for you.


^^^ the staff got together a basket for my first day of school ^^^

i am not going to lie, i cried a little when they gave it to me. i cannot say enough how encouraging this group of people has been. i feel that your community in a work place can make or break it. this team has already MADE my time here. i am thrilled to continue this year and see what the Lord has in store for all of us here at HIS.

IMG_1734 2

^^^ cute little coffee [at a Canadian coffee shop] in a tiny french press ^^^

 IMG_1739 2

^^^ Carol and I of course had to get matching sweaters at the market ^^^

IMG_1740 2

^^^ you don’t really want to know.. ^^^

Culture Shock

1) sometimes you go for a VISA physical and they get their words for underweight and overweight mixed up. 2) when you are in a government hospital type building they don’t love when you play “heads up”. 3) sometimes they ask you to hold the offering box at church when it is your first day. 4) being yelled at by an old intoxicated man on a mini is a bit more frightening when you are not sure of everything he is saying.


a huge praise this week is that my ATM card finally came in and it WORKS. this was a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. i ask for continued prayer for my and the rest of the newbies adjustment. things are getting easier but it is very evident sometimes that we are not from here. prayer for the school as we dive into this school year. prayer for the kids entering all of these classrooms. continued prayer for health and safety.


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