Culture Shock 101

it is very hard to wrap my mind around the fact that i am here in Bolivia already. it seems like just yesterday i was sitting on my bed in my junior dorm room saying to my roommate that i wanted to be a teacher. the path here has been a wild adventure but i genuinely would not change it for anything. all the bumps and hurdles are just a reminder of how persistant in prayer i have had to be to get here today.

my journey down was pretty uneventful [except for losing my hat] and smooth. the planes themselves were quite the opposite. imagine a 1990’s plane for about 6.5 hours. that is BOA for ya.


^^ before I left my best friend gave me a little “peace” of her to take with me along with some encouraging words. such a blessing to call her friend ^^


^^ carrying this thing around for 24 hours was quite the adventure ^^



^^ THIS is where i get to live for the next two years with THESE sweet girls ^^

over the first few days we have been walking [like 6 miles a day] and eating and LEARNING everything we can about Bolivian culture. the ever so sweet Steever family has been a blessing to us as we try to figure out this new culture. so a few things i have learned about La Paz so far:

– you won’t be able to breathe when you walk up a hill so don’t even try. – dogs are everywhere and sometimes one will walk you home. – don’t try to find the moon while walking, you WILL get hit by a car. – better to look at your feet so you don’t trip. – getting off of a mini is harder than it looks. – if you can find Av Bellivian you are golden!

the community here has already been such a wonderful blessing. i have felt at home in a city i barely know. tomorrow we start work so things will start to become very real. as of now things have felt more like a vacation with a whole bunch of fun new people. tomorrow those people become my co-workers and teammates. i ask that you continue to pray for our safety down here and for those that are still trying to get down. pray for the beginning of the school year for us teachers that are starting out and returning and for the students about to walk through the doors. ask the Lord to prepare our hearts for this year ahead at H.I.S.


^^ inside and outside the classroom! ^^


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