Summer Madness

this summer has been absolutely crazy. so i will start from the beginning…

after packing up everything [literally everything] i own i headed home to Charleston for a quick visit. i think getting everything out of the apartment, into the cars, out of the cars, into the boat, out of the boats, onto the dock, and into my room was easier than i thought. i am not sure that my moving helpers would agree. while i was home, The Pickled Palate helped me host a silent auction to raise money for Bolivia. i was so thankful that everyone came out and supported. we had a lot of fun.


the Charleston visit was a short, but sweet one. once i got back to Birmingham i had to jump right back into school. that is really what has been consuming my life for the past six weeks. the last ten days, however, was filled with i can only describe as adult missionary summer camp. PFO [pre field orientation]. what an adventure that was! the participants are from all over the world and are GOING all over the world. it was seriously an incredible experience. i loved getting to meet some people that i will be working with [especially one of my roommates!] and some that i will just be a country away from. at the end of PFO we got a chance to talk about what we experienced while we were there. one girl, i think, said it best. she said that it was like getting a little glimpse of Heaven and i could not agree more.


^^^our whole group ready to get out into their schools^^^


^^^volleyball intensity^^^


^^^they even treated us to a little Memphis baseball^^^

all in all it was a wonderful and inspirational ten days. it got me reengergized and ready to enter the field. this weekend i also got to surprise my family at home before starting my final education classes.


now that i am back in Birmingham i feel like i am at the end of a marathon. i keep looking to that finish line, which in my head is the day i leave for Bolivia. while looking ahead i forget to focus on my daily tasks. there is so much going on around me with school and friends and transition that i am always looking forward to that day i leave. so my current prayer request is for me to focus on the day in front of me because in my current mindset i can start doing something for next week’s class and next thing i know two days have gone by and i haven’t even looked toward my Bible.

in the next three weeks i will be packing everything up again and moving it to my home for the next two years. i could not be more excited!