Teachers Are Members of Learning Communities

This is my last and final post that is relating to the “What Teachers Should Know and Be Able To Do”. I have enjoyed reading these snippets from the book for National Board Certified Teachers.

I think being a teacher you find a deeper love for learning. We have to be life long learners to really master our skill. There are so many resources for teachers to do this. We have other teachers, parents, and communities. I think one way I will use other teachers to further my learning is by watching master teachers. I learn by watching and then doing. If I could watch a master teacher doing their skill then I can learn so much. I think having master teachers observe our own skill is a great way to learn. Sometimes we get set in our ways and do not realize we could improve in an area. If we could utilize other teachers in our schools to observe and critique us we will become better teachers. Parents are another great resource to help us learn how we can best serve their children. I know parents and teachers do not always see eye to eye, but we can use our meetings with them to learn someting about their child. We share the ultimate goal of educating their child so at some point you would think strategies might align. I think we can learn so much about a child from talking to their parent. Most communities are teeming with people that want to help. As a science teacher I would love to utilize those in the community that have any kind of science background. I think it is great for students to hear information from a different mouth every once in a while. Our communities offer us so many different learning experiences everyday. We would be silly not to utilize those around us.


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