this journey has been a roller coaster

so four weeks ago i wrote a post about how scared i was that this program was not going to work out. my fears were then realized when Samford told me it was not going to be possible to work for NICS schools while still in school. i may sound dramatic, but i felt that my dreams had been ripped out from under me. how could God let this happen? i thought this is what he wanted me to do. why then was this getting to be so difficult?

these were my thoughts for the whole next week. i was scared and i felt alone in the process. the one thing that got me through the week was that all of this is God’s plan. if this is what He wants then this is how it will be. Samford left me with very little hope, but there was still hope.

Thursday 19 February 2015

this is a day that i will never forget. i came out of clinicals that day with numerous missed phone calls and emails from a supervisor at Samford. my first thoughts were that she wanted me to call her because you aren’t supossed to tell bad news over the phone. once i got hold of her i realized this was not the case at all. she simply wanted to tell me in person that all of our hard work had paid off. the Alabama State Department of Education approved me for my full 15 weeks in a NICS school. i was so ecstatic i just broke down in tears in my car. how amazing is it that God is giving me this opportunity to now interview for this job. the reason i was so upset when this opportunity was taken away was because i was not turned away because i was not the right one for the job, or because i didnt have the qualification, or because they just didn’t like me. NO. i was not even being given a chance. now i was being given that chance. i had a chance to prove to Highlands International School (HIS) in La Paz, Bolivia that they should take a chance on me and hire me.

Tuesday 24 February 2015

this is another day i will never forget. this is the day that i not only had a second interview with the school in Bolivia but the day the director offered me the job as full time science teacher at HIS. i will say that all of this has still not fully sunk in. i am overjoyed at the fact that all of this is working out for me. i am thankful for the school in Bolivia for believing in me. i have put my full trust in the Lord in all of this. i do not think that anyone else but the Lord could have put this on my heart for this long and with this much intensity. i want to say i am ready for this job. i want to say that i am so prepared i could just go out in the field right now. that is 100% not true. i am not prepared, i am not ready, i am ready and prepared to put all of that on God though.


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