happenings of today

today was a big day in the world of Emma. i was able to talk on the phone with a member of the NICS team for quite a while about different opportunities that were available for me. there are so many things out there and so many opportunities that NICS creates for their employees. the conversation with him got me very excited about this journey i could possibly be going on. it also scared me a little.

i am getting my hopes way up that there is a job opportunity for me in the NICS family. i know that there is no certainty in anything. while it is easy to sit here and say “whatever God has planned for me will be perfect and good” it is hard to REALLY believe that. i believe it, but somehow i can’t always put it in to practice. my heart is so far into this application that is scares me God will just rip it away. i know if He does that it is for the best, but i have trouble wrapping my head around that.

the reason all these fears came up was because i am starting to feel like not every one is on the same page. i have a weird and unusual case for Samford and for the NICS team. i would be the first to apply to work for them, but want that to count as my student teaching. it is done through Samford in the states all the time. many of the people in my cohort came in with jobs and are doing everything through their own classrooms. i think the thing that scares Samford is the fact of how far away it is. all the NICS schools are accredited through multiple organizations so that should not be the problem. when i was getting scared i contacted someone as NICS who i have been speaking to about this special circumstance. he said he would contact some people for me to get the ball rolling, so to speak.

all i want is to follow God’s plan for my life. if i’m being honest, though, i think what i really want is for His plan to line up with my plan…


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