the application process is in full swing now! the NICS application is fully loaded with the perfect questions to prepare you for what you are signing up for [i know, weird right?]. isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? aren’t the questions supposed to tell the employer if you are ready, not tell yourself if you are ready? that is what i thought. i think most applications feel that way. the NICS application is special i think. it really focused my mind on why i am applying to this position and what i will be doing if i get hired. needless to say i am even more excited that i was in the beginning.

now that my application is sent out to the NICS world it is just a waiting game. waiting to be judged. it is a scary process. i am the first to admit that i am scared out of my mind that i won’t get a job offer out of this. i know that i am supposed to trust that God has my best interest in mind. that He loves me so no matter the outcome it is out of love. and i do FULLY believe that. it is still scary though. scary to think that i read the signs wrong. that what i thought God was placing on my heart for certain reasons He was doing for another reason. but that is the thing about faith. it is a dang scary leap and we have to take it to fully trust. we may fall, but who knows what is at the bottom of the fall? the bottom could be way better than what we were leaping to in the first place.

some of my upcoming posts [five of them] will be about my clinical experience at a local middle school. these posts are for a class i am taking, but they are still part of the process of getting a job!