the start

starting something new is always super scary. when i decided that I wanted to go into teaching i was scared and still a little unsure of myself. my parents told me that was because it obviously is not what i am supposed to be doing. for some reason i knew they were wrong (like all parents are, kidding). so i did the only thing i knew that was left. i prayed about it. the year prior to considering teaching i had prayed a huge prayer for God to close some doors for me. i know that sounds insane because we always want God to open doors, but i struggle in any type of decision  making process so i need something very clear and evident. well a year later doors were literally slammed in my face and i knew it was God telling me to take the only path he had left open – Teaching.

a few months ago i started my program to get my masters in secondary science education. i have loved every step of it so far.  i am with a fabulous teacher who’s classes include physics and biology. i never thought i would like standing up in front of a group of people to teach them anything. i have a little bit of stage fright. it was so different though. one time when i was working as a camp counselor i was asked to give a sermon at one of our council meetings for the whole camp. so, in front of around 400 people i got up and spoke about something that was near and dear to my heart. i found out then that teaching something to a crowd (in my opinion) is way easier than just giving a speach or something. but back to this journey. since i decided that yes indeed teaching is what i will be doing i need to make it my own. traveling is a huge passion of mine and i have a goal to make it to every culture at least once. i love getting to peak into other culture’s lives if even for a day. that is where international teaching comes in. i am about to start my application process to a program called Network of International Christian Schools. i have the hopes to do not only my student teaching (next fall) but to also get a job through them. That is my ultimate goal in this whole journey. my current goal at least. God may have other plans for me, but for now this is the path i am taking.